Access allows you to do the following with no limits:

  1. Add any Websites to your SI Tool (you just need the CPanel Username + Password)

  2. Create/Restore Full Backup of the root folders (public_html) - it's always good to create backups, and this tool makes it easy.

  3. Access the File Repository, to upload files you want to easily install to websites you add into your SI Tool.

  4. Automatically add/delete over 450 Subdomains/Hour to any combination of websites

  5. Do Page Speed Analysis on Your Pages, and Competitor Pages (any stack of pages at once)

  6. Improve Page Speeds using our 'Page Speed Booster' (single button press)

  7. Leverage Browser Caching (single button press)

  8. Enable GZip Compression (single button press)

  9. Optimize Your Images (single button press)

  10. Minify HTML Pages (any stack of pages at once)

  11. Minify CSS Files (any stack of pages at once)

  12. Minify JS Files (any stack of pages at once)

  13. Create 'Before/After' Page Speed Reports in Excel w/color coding (red/yellow/green)

  14. Delete Subdomain Files without deleting the actual Subdomains (This is to replace contents in subdomain folders.)

  15. Check CopyScape for Plagiarism/Spun Content (any stack of pages at once)

  16. Create & Submit Sitemaps Automatically to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask

  17. Auto-Generate the robots.txt file in your Root, with Sitemaps listed for incoming bots to easily identify/index.

  18. List the Zip Files on CPanels you add, so you can auto-delete the ones you don't need to recover space on your hosting account.

  19. Easily delete unneeded Databases + Database Users (any stack at once)

  20. Zip Extractor - Bulk-extract Zip Files in different Subdomains

  21. Find Nearby Cities - Lists Cities Surrounding a City You Enter (from 1-186 mile radius).

  22. Site Authority Checker - Check PA, DA and IP Address for many websites at once.

Keep all Minification/Optimization/PageSpeed Boost Benefits, Subdomains, Sitemaps, and other changes.

Access to the SI Tool lets you improve the Fundamentals of Websites you control - This will help your websites rank higher with just a few button clicks!

Thank You for Your Support! | Best Regards, Dave Bennett -- Theme2HTML